About Michael

Hi – I’m Michael and this is my website. If you’re here, it means you’ve either read my book, are thinking about reading it, or else I’ve achieved infamy in some form or another and you’re here out of morbid curiosity (in which case, I can’t blame you).

The Backfill is my debut novel, so there’s just the one book for now. This might help explain why my website seems singularly obsessed with it. I’m still busy writing and do plan to publish more books – at which point I’ll probably need to update this paragraph. Writing is rewriting, after all.

A little about me: I love a good mystery. I guess that probably won’t surprise you, but it surprised me to realize that I enjoy writing about mysteries as much as I enjoy reading about them. And I’m equally reeled in by a gripping true crime story as I am by a great fictional caper.

I especially love stories with fascinating characters and a strong sense of place (here’s looking at you, The Big Sleep). Atmosphere and vibe are everything to me, and I love that tingle that comes with feeling like you’re right there looking over the shoulder of the character, locked together in the same little scrap of the universe, with its own special tangle of sights, sounds, and smells.  

I’d tell you more about me, but I’ve decided to keep my real identity on the down-low, at least for now. I started writing a little later than most authors, and so am no longer eligible for a starving artist license – what with the day job, bills, kids and the rest of it. Being that “weird guy” at work who wrote a novel about work is just a little too risky at the moment. I mean – imagine being that guy. It’s a bit terrifying. But hey, if you liked my book, then leave me a review. And maybe recommend it to your friends. You might just nudge me out of the shadows.  

This is not really my picture, but he seems like a nice guy .   – Michael McKain